Hercules ProphetView 920 DVI Complaints

i own the acclaimed hercules 17" lcd... i love it.
Web browsing, gaming, programming, word, movies, etc all rock

There is one element which im annoyed by.
If you do graphic design, working with photoshop a lot, you'll get quite frustraited. Because its a LCD(viewing angle stuff), colors actually change compairing the top to the bottom of the panel. You could imagine the frustration....

Buyers Beware.

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  1. I can't wait for 32-bit LCD.
  2. Good tip. Thanks for posting it. I'm hunting a 920 pro DVI right now (2 actually) for use with P-shop and After Effects. Your post has given me pause. How are you dealing with the color shift? Can you position it in such a way that the whole screen is in the right angle with your head?
  3. You're really getting a forseeable difference in color from the top and bottom of the monitor?

    I'm using a 920 Pro DVI right now and I can't see anything like that when editing graphics.
  4. I'm going to retract my statements on the 920 Pro DVI.

    Although I don't get much descrepency between the top and bottomn (practically nil), and gaming seems fine, just browsing outside of windows or playing older games is a nightmare.

    The amount of flickering going on is worse than running my 17 " monitor at 1280x1024 at 60 hz.

    I can get rid of the flickering by turning the contrast and brightness up real high, but then greys are all white, and severe ghosting still goes on.

    And maybe this is usual, but at work, I've seen a 18 " Dell monitor with a 30 ms response time, and browsing in windows is fine. There is no flickering, and no ghosting when moving a window.
  5. Yea, I’m really frustrated with the color gradient i have with this panel. The excitement of owning it has died and now I’m almost to the point of going back to a Trinitron or something. Even looking at this website, the light bluish grey bg almost disappears 3 inches from the bottom of the panel.
    This is un-adjustable. Tilting it, moving you're head up and down just moves the gradient to different areas of the screen. I don’t have great eyes so I get pretty close to the screen, however even from like 4 ft away you can still see this. Is it just mine?
    I have not installed the driver cd the monitor came with. I left it at home when i came to school. Not sure if that cd will help this, anyone?
    Well anyway, anyone know if Hercules accepts returns or exchanges?
  6. Really? Geez, I thought the Hercules was meant to be uber good! Someone said there was flickering and ghosting. I thought that the HyDis panel had virtually no ghosting, and that no LCD's had flicker.

    I intended to get a Q17, which also uses the HyDis panel. Any complaints on those? I'm worried now...
  7. i have no problems with flickering and ghosting.
  8. Well, I hope the others are joking then. I know what you mean by colours changing. Just like on a rear projection TV. Hope that's all. All that I can suggest then, is when you edit pictures, try keeping your head in one place...
  9. i think its more than viwing angle, like i cant find a spot to position myself to have no color change.
  10. http://www.geocities.com/nytegard/prophetview920prodvi.zip

    This is a cheap mpg of the flickering. The monitor is really ALOT brighter, and the movie isn't in sync. In reality, it looks alot worse.
  11. I just recieved this monitor myself.

    At first I thought my monitor was somewhat defective, I later realized that the input seemed to be wrong. When I looked at my monitor's menu, it said I was connecting using RGB and not DVI. I corrected something in my Nvidia drivers and everything seems to be much better now.

    The only oddity I've noted was that my brightness and contrast levels to distinguish between shades of white and greys are completely different from Tom's review. Mine are set at Brightness 55, and Contrast 40.
  12. Well, I've tried NVidia, and ATI.

    I've also tried DVI & VGA. None of it made a difference. I returned the monitor yesterday, and will probably wait until the 12 ms monitors come out.
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