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My cable modem (Linksys CM100) and wireless router (Netgear N600 Dual Band) have been working fine for the past six months. I went to install hook up a wireless printer to the WiFi network and after successful connection the internet stopped working on laptops connected to the WiFi network. I thought the printer might have tweaked something and not knowing what I reset the router to factory settings. When I connect to the router with an ethernet cord I can access and set back up the network. The computers internet works fine while it is hardwired but as soon as I change the SSID and enable WPA2 security and click apply the WiFi network pops up but neither the hardwire or the WiFi work. I logged back into and the router's status says everything is working normally but I am unable to connect to the internet over WiFi or ethernet and I have to reset it to connect again before touching the WiFi settings.

Any ideas? If it helps, I have Comcast as an ISP and we have owned the modem and router for a year.

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  1. Okay, just to sort some of this out. You factory reset your router. You logged in and reset all your wireless settings including encryption type, SSID and password. Assume you re-applied any firmware that you updated on the router too? After your done tweaking, have both your router and modem connected to each other.

    Now, disconnect the power on both the router and modem. Wait about 30 seconds. Re-connect and apply power to the modem. Let the modem boot up and connect to the internet. After the modem is done booting up then re-connect and apply power to the router.

    Once both devices are powered up and running and all LED lights indicate functional devices grab a wireless device and search for the SSID, connect, re-enter new password.
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