Office 2007 install problem on Windows 7

Setup: Windows 7 Pro installed on Virtual Machine (VMWare Fusion on iMac). Created ISO files for installation of the two Office 2007 Pro disks - since the iMac doesn't recognize the CDs and this was reportedly a proven technique for installing Microsoft applications to a Windows virtual machine on VMWare Fusion.

Windows 7 recognizes the first ISO disk but gives error message stating that it is incompatible with the 64-bit Windows 7 version (an option selected at Windows 7 install, i.e. either 32-bit or 64-bit).

Question: Does anyone know of a technique for installing Office 2007 on a Windows 7 64-bit OS?

Thanks very much for your help!
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  1. When I moved from my old 32-bit XP system to my new 64-bit Windows 7 system, I deinstalled Office from XP and then installed it on Windows 7 using exactly the same CDs. So there's no special version required for 64-bit Windows 7...
  2. +1 ^ sminlal.

    No special techniques or special versions required for 64 bit.

    I've installed it like a piece of Cake in my Win7 Home premium!
  3. Thank you, sminlal and saran008. It's not clear to me that your success was with a Mac running the VMWare Fusion virtual machine - although clearly my final question left out that feature - merely relying on the context stated at the top of the post. I left out the phrase "... on a Windows 7 64-bit OS running as a virtual machine under VMWare Fusion on an iMac".

    Is that the case, i.e. was your success via such a configuration?
  4. Sorry, no experience with a Mac. My only point was that there is no separate version of Office for 64-bit Windows, and that on a "real" 64-bit Windows system it installs just fine with no special "technique" needed.

    So the issue you need to solve would seem to be with your ISO images or your VM product, not with Office.
  5. Me too Sorry! I am having zero experience with Mac!
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