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I just did a fresh install for a co-worker. The person that owned the laptop before him was Chinese and wanted everything wiped and switched over to Spanish (Mexico) for the new owner. According to Microsoft the LPs and LIPs will not work on the Professional Edition. So, what can I do? I can change some of the Regional and Language Settings so that some things are in Spanish, but I really need everything in Spanish. Any opinions or 3rd party recs will be appreciated.

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  2. The first link worked like a charm. Do method B labled GUI Method. I downloaded the language pack that was designed for the OS, and Vistalizator. Ran Vistalizator and added the Spanish pack and followed the directions. Restarted and the changes had ben applied. overall time was less then 30 minutes. I may be new here but I think this should be added to the FAQ or stickied.
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