HELP: Can GTA: SA Run On A MX440? Thanks

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I have googled the question but all I read are conflicting answers from
different forums,
some say yes, some say no.
I would like to have a confirmation from you if you personally have
installed and played GTA: SA
successfully on a MX440 64MB card.
Your actual experience will be great encouragement and comfort for me to
buy the game.
I know that a MX440 card is not a good card at all for gaming, but I am
happy with 800X600
resolution and low level details.
Even if GTA:SA looks exactly like GTA:VC (which runs flawlessly on my
MX440) I am a very happy man.
Thanks and regards,
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  1. Archived from groups: (More info?)

    If it was to my understanding, the game wouldn't allow itself to run
    because it uses graphical features that cannot be turned off in the
    options. These features are not apart of the nVidia MX chipsets, so
    yeah. Whether or not the game will do an auto-check upon install or if
    it simply will result in a bunch of glitched graphics, I don't know.

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