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Weird problem: only one computer affacted by bad connection issues

Last response: in Wireless Networking
August 13, 2012 9:44:43 PM


I have comcast cable, plugged into a wireless router. My internet was working fine for the past year but since 2 months ago i've been getting really bad lag in games, extremely slow dl/ul speed and sometimes complete connection drops.

Whats interesting is that it only seems to affect my main computer, a desktop with a belkin usb adapter (same adapter i've been using for the past year) which is in my room. So thinking it was a bad adapter i got the "Rosewill RNX-N600UBE Wireless Dual Band Adapter", which didn't make much of a difference. I've alternated between both wireless adapters and neither seem to make the internet any better.

I used WirelessMon and get a signal strength of 70%, and 5 minutes later it drops to 30% and the adapters/antenna were in the exact same position, completely untouched.

I called comcast and they say everything is fine when they monitor me, and that it might be the wireless router. When I play CSS on my desktop i have about 40-60ms ping BUT with consistent pauses/skips without any lag spikes (ping always remains low). So hop on my laptop and play on the same server and get no lag whats so ever.

I've tried using different usb ports and theres no difference.
Which leads me to believe the network hardware on my motherborad might be going bad?

Does anyone else have any ideas?

any help would be greatly appreciated
August 14, 2012 3:59:49 AM

If its only that computer then chances are it isn't an issue on comcast's side. Also the network hardware being utilized for connectivity is the adapter your using. So the motherboard's on board network hardware isn't even being used.

It sounds like something has changed maybe that your unaware of that is effecting your signal. A possible cause could be more wireless devices added to area that are interfering with your desktop's signal. Maybe within your home or even outside. Maybe a neighbor just set up a wireless network too and to many people are on the same channel. You could try changing channels with your router's settings.