Network drivers cannot be installed because system doesnt support full screen mo

my laptop cannot install network drivers because of the error,system doesnt support full screen mode,its a windows 7 operating system
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  1. You will get better responses if you supply some more information: what model laptop and which network driver, the LAN or wireless driver, did you install the Intel or AMD chipset drivers already?
  2. ohh ok,its a Dell Inspiron N5030 laptop,with service tag 72RJ8N1,it needs the LAN drivers,but can it be possible to get all the Lan and Wireless drivers?....nothing has been installed,as the laptop was formatted..
  3. Just go to Dell support (, select your OS (Win 7 -- 32 or 64 bit). Don't enter your service tag as that seems to give a limited result, use your model Dell Inspiron 15 (N5030) that you can select from the list of Inspiron laptops.

    First under chipset, download and install the Intel chipset driver, then do the LAN/wireless/sound/etc. You can download them all from there, just write down which driver does what as the Dell driver names are just Rxxxxxx.exe where x are various digits and it can get confusing.

    And for some drivers you should use Vista drivers, as they will work fine and there are no Windows 7 specific drivers for some stuff.

    I assume that you have a Windows installation disk if the entire drive was formatted, including the Dell recovery partition.
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