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Should I use powerline adapters, or is there a better option?

Hey, forum. I'm just about to build my own computer and I plan to put it in my room. The problem is that my modem/router is on the 2nd floor of my house, while my room is on the 1st floor. I can't run a huge ethernet cable down the stairs, through the hallway and to my room, so I'm trying to find the best solution for my wireless networking problem.

I was going to buy a wireless adapter, which I posted in a thread asking for advice on the parts I selected. Somebody said that I should go with powerline adapters because they are just as fast as having an ethernet cable connected to my router.

So are powerline adapters really the way to go for me? If it is, what are good, reliable, and hopefully fast kits?

Btw, I know it sucks, but I only have a router that uses 802.11g :/

Oh, and my room is directly underneath the room with the router if that helps at all. Only the ceiling/floor separating them. And I'm not allowed to drill a hole through it lol
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    As usual with these things, don't buy the cheapest because the materials used might be inferior but the technical differnces between brands are hardly variable. Belkin is a good manufacturer of networking products but their powerlines are expensive. Hit the middle range - £50 in the UK - and you won't go far wrong.

  2. So, pretty much any powerline adapter kit that's at least $80 should be fine?

  3. Yes, I reckon so. You might like to future proof yourself with a set of three in case you move house or someone else wants to join the network.

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  5. Alright, thanks a lot, dude.
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