Wireless card doesn't find rmy router, but finds everyone elses.


My PC has a wieless card in it and last night the internet went off and then I wouldn't find my router at all, just everyone elses.

I tried resetting the router, unplugging it an leaving it for a while, then resetting my PC. Tried unplugging the wireless card and plugging back in. Made sure I have latest drivers. Disabled and enable the card.

I then tried plugging in an external belkin adapter in the usb and that worked.

There are 2 other PC's in the house and they are both connecting to the internet fine. But I tested an old laptop we have and that didn't pick up the router either.

I went on the pc in the other room next to mine and tried changing the channel it was on from 12 to 5..... and it actually worked.. now my pc can find my router (???)

But we've been having alot of issues lately with bad internet on certain channels etc... I don't really understand why channel 5 would work but channel 12 doesnt? We are experiencing more latency on that channel too.

Anyone can help with this, I have no idea what's going on with it. :sweat:

(Sky Broadband)
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  1. Probably a congested channel with more then just your network using it. Sounds like it might just be the card is an issue if the external adapter worked.
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