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Hello, certain javascript actions are not working on any browser (firefox 15.0.1 IE9, latest Chrome). and are two sites which do not work properly for me.

- Both sites worked in the recent past. One stopped working, then some days after, the other did too. Now both sites (eventually) load as simple hmtl but do not function.
- On screen notification from asks me to 'enable javascript to continue using site'
- Javascript is ticked as 'Enabled' on all browsers.
- This problem only present on my Windows 7 laptop and not on either of the other 2 machines which share my home modem
- the problem is present on any internet connection my machine uses (i.e. work wifi, local cafe's wifi)
- the problem persists with antivirus turned off (AVG)
- I've performed a full Firefox reset as per mozilla instructions
- The problem persists when I disable Firefox add-ons (the only add-on I have is ad-blocker) - but again, the problem persists across all browsers
- I'm not using any internet funny business (such as IP blockers or proxy servers)
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  1. Hello and welcome to Tom's Hardware Forums.

    I could understand Firefox playing up if you have the No-Script add-on. You can add sites to the whitelist but they still usually refuse to work so it's better to remove the add-on. If it helps, both sites are behaving normally as I write this.

  2. This problem is also evident when I attempt to browse any blog. Please help me!

  3. Have a look in Firefox to see what add-ons you have running. Turn them off for the time being and stick with the one browser for a few days.

    In Control Panel>Internet Options, set Security and Privacy back to default levels. Any settings in there will affect all browsers so it's possible something there is causiing this.

  4. These problems are related to your browser.
  5. How could it be related to the browser if it affects all 3 browsers (chrome, IE9, Firefox) on my machine? What should I check?
  6. Update: I installed a proxy / VPN thing (Expat Shield) and the problem is gone - but only when the VPN is running. What could be causing this...?
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