Switching isp from at&t to comcast (modem question)

does my Asus G60JX have a built in modem?
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  1. No, but it does have an RJ45 LAN Jack for ethernet cables.

    I have Comcast, and it requires a Cable Modem to go online. The Cabel Modem "decodes" the signals from the coaxial cable to something your computer can use, ethernet cable. The box also converts the signals for a telephone use.

    So the outside line will come into your house, out of a wall, into a Cabel Modem. Then an ethernet cable will come out of the modem, and into your laptop.

    But your laptop is also wireless, so the better way to go is out of the modem, into a wireless router. Set the router to "pair" with your laptop, and then you will be mobile within your house.

    Get a wirelss router that supports your laptops Integrated 802.11 b/g/n.

    This won't be hard. Make sure it has "n" because this is the fastest of the three: "n"=faster then "g"=faster than "b."

    Hope that answers your question.
  2. strongly recommend you have a router between you and your internet connection for security and general connectivity.

    G and N routers are fairly inexpensive and even if comcast gives u a modem with a built in router, i would suggest you use your own router. those combo modem/routers ISPs offer are usually total junk
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