Article: Windows 7: Less of a Resource-Hog Than Vista

Good news: the next version of Microsoft's Windows OS appears to be less of a resource hog than Windows Vista.

Microsoft announced Wednesday that a beta version of Windows 7 will be available for the general public to download and try out on Friday. At the same time, it provided a list of the minimum system requirements it recommends for people who run the beta.

They call for a 1GHz processor (32- or 64-bit), 1GB of main memory, 16GB of available disk space, support for DX9 graphics with 128MB of memory (for the Aero interface), and a DVD-R/W drive.

Those are very similar to the recommended requirements for Windows Vista -- even though PC hardware will have advanced by as much as three years by the time the finished version of Windows 7 ships....

Windows 7: Less of a Resource-Hog Than Vista
James Niccolai, IDG News Service
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  1. Well I hope it is... I'd love a streamlined OS.
  2. ^ Meh. It's still not as stream lined as Linux
  3. Um, it's essentially the same OS at the core, if the requirements went up we'd have some questions to ask.
  4. Shadow703793 said:
    ^ Meh. It's still not as stream lined as Linux

    I know.
  5. I beg to differ. I was running Windows Vista Business with just 1 gig of memory. the other gig was on my virtual machine leaving the the remaining 1.5 gigs free. I now have Windows 7 Professional 64 bit and the memory jumps around. I run my adobe programs for work here and like usual, it takes some memory as I work. When I shut them off, there is memory floating around. I honestly think they still have pointer issues. This is frustrating. It doesn't freeze up like Vista, but the memory thing bugs me. 600-800 gigs of memory floats around and Windows 7 decides when it should free it up. I don't know what it is. I mean I've shut off services that I don't need. I thought this was the original problem, but it's not. The processes are all the same each time before and after I shut off my programs. I'm thinking of rolling back to XP, or maybe installing LINUX on this machine. Very frustrating when you need all of your memory for work and your virtual machine.
  6. Oh I forgot to mention that it starts off with 1 gig (well 2 when I start the virtual machine) and then the extra 600-700 megs of memory kicks in after I run anything with a lot of memory. This was never an issue with Vista or XP. I'm just wondering if I should just go ahead and install the 32 bit grrrr
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