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Was wondering if anyone has tried the U64Emu to play Killer Instinct (The rom files are an 88 meg download). I keep getting page faults with the U64Emu v1.18 beta, but then again I have a cyrix processor at 100mHz, so it could be that that is the problem.


How long is a piece of string? The same shape as something beige.
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  1. I have tried to play killer Instinct 1 and 2 on both MAME and U64. I have gotten both versions to work as well, however the playability on the U64 is better for me due to the game speed running correctly (It's still buggy though as of version 3.05). As, for the mame version, I have a pretty decent PC and still can't get it to run at speed. If anyone has a solution to that besides U64 I'd be glad to hear it.
    I don't believe you will be able to run any of the newer games with a 100mHz processor though....I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure you are going to have ALOT of problems trying to do anything these days with that kind of processiing power.
    I hope that helps a little bit, getting some games to work is an epic adventure in frustration, thank god for internet forums. - peace.

    P.S. Pink Floyd made better music than Beethoven.
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