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Device manager unresoled item

I have 1 unresolved item in the device manager
Any ideas, is it a harware issue or windows 7 ?
Asus M3N78-eh m/b
AMD2+ cpu
there were also several other items but after a few windows updates and reboots, this remains the only unresolved item in the device manager.
regards Grunta
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  1. My guess, its the ATK0110 ACPI Utility. Download the ASUS probe if you don't have it on your computer, a newer version of the Probe would be best. Extract the installer package and you will find the ACPI dir. Just use the device manager to update the device.
  2. didn't seem to work,
    I then manually chose the inf file, that returned an error and a disabled atk0110 entry, above that was a correct entry for atk0110 - it may have been there before, I don't know
    result is something worked ! LOL

    thanks for your prompt reply
  3. It won't hurt anything to uninstall it and reboot the computer. It could also be a case of the device being there and the registry keys for it are missing. If the unknown device is still there after rebooting then you know it needs driver's, if its gone Windows re-installed the device and repaired the missing registry entries. You can also try Unknown Device Identifier and see what info it provides.
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    turns out it was a nvida nforce m/b chipset driver needed,
    downloaded from nvida site, don't see why a big company like that can't get to gether with MS and have it registerd in the update depository

    fixed now thanks
  5. After a clean install I have the same issue you had an "Unknown Device" In my case it is the ACPI Utility which is also part of the nVidia chipset package. Glad you got it sorted out.
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