Hi I am doing this MIS project where I have to get some info. Anyone willing to help me out?

This business is experiencing dramatic success and would like to implement a new information system since the current one is causing strain on its finance and accounting systems

1.What is a new in house system and what does it do?

2. What is Software as a Service and what does it do?
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  1. if you are doing an MIS project and you don't know that then you really shouldn't be doing an MIS project.

    In house system - a system developed and supported in house.
    SaaS - buying software as a service, like hosted exchange.
  2. This is not one of my core-courses in my programme of choice but an elective that I decided to do but I appreciate your help thnx
  3. Also you need to ask a question don't just assume one knows everything or suppose to know everything at once. So do you think that you became an 'IT wizzz" overnight you were once in my shoes now starting.
  4. thing is i'm not an IT whizz & i'm not an IT professional, you sound like you are being paid to do this the way you had phrased your question, in whihch case you give the actual professionals a bad name.
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