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My boyfriend just got a new lap top with windows 7 he tried to open a video that he emailed himself from his old windows xp computer and now all his programs want to open using internet explorer, please help
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  1. download the file to the computer and right click on it and choose which program to open and play the file
  2. all my programs are trying to open in internet explorer then when i try to open them it doesnt let me
  3. do you mean media files or ALL files, did you right click or left click
  4. All the files are trying to open in internet explorer, its giving me a box that wants me to - open - save - or cancel and when i hit open the same box keeps opening and if I hit save it does the same thing, I don't know what I did but I messed this up and now i can't even open up my defrag without that box opening up...................I think I must have said yes to having internet explorer as my default reader or something and now I don't know how to change it back.
    It's the .lnk files with all the problems
  5. We did an .lnk fix from microsoft tech net site and it worked.....thank you for trying to help!
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