Help! Winload.exe error!

Okay So Ill Explain from the start..
I Had A Linux Distro Installed Alongside my windows 7 in dual boot using grub.
So, Then When I Decided To Remove It, I Simply Deleted The Drives And Then Extended my (D) Drive.
And Then I Used The EasyBCD To Write the mrd or something...

And Then I Decided To Reboot.. And Then It Showed Me The Error 0xc00000e
And I Dont Have Any Of The Windows CD's As Dell Did not give me, And I Dont Have Warranty.
Its A Dell 15r/N5010

Please Tell Me What Should I do, I am sorry if i posted this on the wrong section. :(
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  1. you will need to get a windows cd from dell
  2. Is There No Other Way? Because Dell Does Not have Service Centers In Dubai.
  3. Nah, I Tried Filling out the request for the disc but it does not send to my country, I went to the UAE site, And They dont Even Have The Option for Getting The Windows 7 Disc :/

    EDIT- OH WAIT, Let me see that link.

    EDIT- Nope That Still Wont work because its if i travel outside my country, So its more like a international warranty. Its Like If I am in Malaysia, I Can Get My Laptop Fixed There, They Wont Help Me Fix It Over Here.
  4. try a on line chat with one of there representative on the web maybe they could fix something for you
  5. They Dont Have A Online Chat,
    Hmm, Im So Tensed! I Just Spend alot of money in fixing the motherboard in a center here in dubai -__-
  6. Hi :)

    This is an easy go out and BUY A NEW Windows 7 disc and then install it, with its new key, then download any drivers you need from Dell...

    All the best Brett :)
  7. Isnt there a way i dont have to spend money? I recently spend 500 follars fixing it, and this CD will cost me another 100 dollars more
  8. Bump? :(
  9. Okay, till Then Il Try Downloading It And Burn It On The Disc To Try Repairing It..
  10. Okay, I reinstalled my windows a few days ago but this is the constant problem i get,
    After some time of using the laptop, it could be 10, 20 or 30 mins.
    The Internet Automatically on my laptop stops working, And Then when i go to shut down....It just gets stuck on the "Shutting Down" Page....So I Have To Shut It Down Manually From The Button....This Always happens when i use the laptop.
    What Could It Be?
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