PC2700 w/166MHz AMD FSB

I'm going to buy memory soon, but I might wait for new XP's to arrive.
Do you think the new XP's will use something faster than Corsair PC2700 CAS2?
Should I be going with the PC3000 or PC3200 because of the FSB increase?
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  1. When AMD does release the next AXP, most likely based on the barton core design - the FSB will be 166MHz and you won't need anything higher than PC2700. Even the clawhammer athlons, at best will use a 166FSB - therefore good quality PC2700 should last you for a long while, most likely 2H '03 when DDR II finally comes out.

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  2. Hammer don't use an FSB like other processors, therefore it's only the memory which will use 166MHZ.

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  3. yep... good quality PC2700 should tide you over for a while.
    current XP processors run at 133fsb with the mem at 166. future ones comming in a few months will run synchronously with the memory at 166, so your ram speeds wont change.

    just make sure that your motherboard can run at 166fsb (many of the kt333 ones can)

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  4. Thank you all for your answers!
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