Multiple USB devices to wireless router

Can I use a USB hub to connect multiple usb devices to a single usb port on a wireless router? I want to connect a usb printer, usb scanner, and usb external hard drive. Thanks.
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  1. It sort of depends. From a purely technical perspective, a hub is just another USB device, and most routers that provide USB ports will accept a hub. But there are two caveats.

    1. Depending on the power demands those USB devices make on the hub itself, it may need to be a powered hub.
    2. Just because you can connect multiple devices doesn’t guarantee the router will recognize them. For example, internally each USB printer requires the creation of additional background processes to handle each additional printer. But your router may be designed to only support 1 or 2 printers, or not have sufficient resources to handle but a few devices.

    So as I said, it sort of depends. Try and find out. You can’t really do any harm. If the USB device isn’t recognized, you’ll find out soon enough!
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