Windows 7 getting stuck while operating

I'm using
Intel Core 2 Duo 2.8Ghz
2GB RAM, Win7 64bit, 160GB HDD, Geforce 9400GT.

Recently my PC is getting stuck for no reason. while browsing,watching a movie, when i leave it idle for a while its getting stuck. screen is as it was n I cannot move the cursor, keyboard isn't working. then I restart it manually and go to the option "start windows normally"or smthin.

this happened previously and I thought it has smthin to do with my HDD, but I checked it n re installed win7 64bit. it was working normally for abt 3 months and now it started again.

can anybody pls help me out here.
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  1. Could very well be your HDD. Reformatting it and installing Windows doesnt necessarily mean its good. COuld be it gets to a certain point on the platter and it starts having issues. Run diagnostic software on it, go to your manufacturers site and download it and run it.
  2. U mean HDD diagnostic software?
  3. I done a 7 x64 build with 4gb memory, and it would regularly run out of memory and freeze the desktop in place indefinately. Add more memory.
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