Desktop cannot connect to internet through Ethernet

I need help getting my homemade computer onto the internet through Ethernet. I have a cable attached to my computer and it is lighting up as if it were working but I am not connected to a network. I know it is not a problem with my Ethernet cable because I have tried it on other computers successfully. When I entered ipconfig/all in the command prompt it showed up with media state as disconnected and no IP address. Can anyone help me?
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  1. Could be the network port, and did you check if the network card is listed in device manager with no errors? Try a new network card, they are cheap enough to get.
  2. The network card is integrated into the motherboard but I would be willing to buy a new network card if I am completely sure that is the problem. However, I did check the device manager and the ethernet controller device is not working and the drivers for it seem to be missing. I tried downloading new drivers and they are not compatible.
  3. Ok I managed to figure out the problem. The driver software was not installed and I was incorrectly trying to install it. My Ethernet cable is working now.
  4. How did you found drivers for your ethernet?
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