Dongle: Clear or Bellsouth - Dynamic IP's?

From what I've heard, the Clear USB broadband dongle has the dynamic IP feature. Meaning, everytime I plug in and use it - the IP would switch.

Is this true?
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  1. In my experience it does change but not real often. It would sometimes use the same IP for a week and other times change every day.

    It will not change every time you plug it in. These are designed to work from a moving car so you get connected and disconnected all the time.

    Note I have not used their new LTE based broadband so it may work differently.
  2. Thank you for your insight Bill.

    Does anyone out there know of any services that provide dynamic IP's for local broadband or as a service provider?
  3. Just about every IP is dynamic for the IP that gets assigned to your system, but since they all use the same tech to do it, the lease that your MAC address gets for the IP does not get refreshed often. A dynamic IP does not mean that it chances every time, just that it's not set manually and gets assigned by the DHCP server.
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