Windows 7 flag desktop problem after installing graphic cards driver

Hi, After installing a fresh clean windows 7, I've installed the graphic card's driver. Then it asks me to reboot and after rebooting, a windows 7 flag background appears with no mouse, icons etc...and it stays like that. Any ideas what's wrong? Thanks.
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  1. restart the computer and then start tapping F8 till a menu appears. on that menu there should be an option called "last known good configuration" select that option and it should be able to start up normally.
  2. I also have this problem, it restarts up once I use 'last known configuration' but then once I install the graphics card again, it fails to work. Any suggestions?
  3. Do you have a HDTV connected though HDMI? I ran into that problem and the found that Windows had set my Plasma as Primary and since my Plasma was set to TV I did not notice that the loggin screen was infact on the Plasma.
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