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ATI says it needs a power connection to the Power Supply Unit. Could I just take the power connection from the Floppy Drive and insert it into the Radeon 9700 Pro instead? Is that an option?
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  1. I'm not sure what power connection the 9700 will need exactly, but you should easily be able to buy an extension or splitter cable for your power supply to hook up to the card. There's no need to sacrifice an existing connection because of a new peripheral.

    My only real concern based on what you've asked is the size and quality of your power supply. If you're at your limit of connectors then you might want to look critically at whether you'll have enough juice to run a stable upgraded system.

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  2. Here's an excerpt from ATI's website:
    <font color=blue>Radeon 9700 PRO requires connection to your PC's internal power supply for operation. A 300 watt power supply or greater is recommended to ensure normal system operation where a number of other internal devices are installed. </font color=blue>

    So, inline with what Wingding said, if you're reduced to unplugging your floppy drive to power up your R9700P, maybe it's time to upgrade your PSU.

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  3. yes & use your 9700 as a floppy drive.

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  4. There should be a connection on your motherboard for a case fan or the like - I imagine that will work. Check the ATi website for installation instructions for the 9700 Pro.

  5. dude, think about it. Where does the power to your floppy drive come from...I think you'll figure out the answer. Yes, you are SUPPOSED to use that kind of connector. If you have only one, get a spliter. If you have any free large connectors, get an adapter instead.

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  6. FYI the Retail version of the card has the splitter already. Don't know about OEM (doubt it)

    But I had an extra one on my PSU and just used that.
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