New Build OS Dilemma

Hey guys,

Alright, troubleshooting time..

So I just built a new rig, have everything finished and here comes the trouble..

Now pre-watercooling I had this system up and running with a stock cooler, during a long shipping wait I just couldnt wait any longer.. ran flawlessly..

Flash to tonight.. WC system tested, running fine, I hook all my power up, boots up just fine.. until problems arise...

The motherboard posts, I can go into the bios, recognizes everything, but Windows wont load, I get to the first Win7 icon and after about 2 seconds it freezes.

Tried the startup troubleshooter that it prompts (instead of start windows normally) and that does the same thing, the grey load bar goes through, shows windows icon, and freezes

Tried bootable flash, same thing, grey load bar is fine, gets to icon, and freezes.

(My first thought was that the WC system wasnt operating correctly.. but at least in BIOS the temps are very stable so its not like its getting NO cooling.. I cant really do any further analysis on that front.

Cant figure it out, since I am getting no error messages, blue screens, posting errors.. all is good till that first icon. Anyone with experience here?
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  1. try the stock cooler again! maybe is something about the CPU cooler configuration on the BIOS!
  2. That involves draining and tearing out the liquid cooling system though.. the only cpu cooler issue (minus excessive heat.. its running at 25C.. would be the fan speed (but I can disable that in bios).. I thought it was just somehow I corrupted the harddrive or something but a flash (that it recognizes fully) doesnt work either.. i mean it realizes its a bootable flash with windows on it.. but the installation locks up right at the beginning..
  3. If it comes down to it I can take all the tubing out and drain the system, put the stock cooler in, but I dont think heat is the issue. Seems software related but I dont know why.. that or funky bios flash.. but I've re-flashed it and it works fine in the config
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