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I receive my Internet over wifi from caravan site owners office. The signal line of sight could be impoved if I put a directional wifi antenna on a pole and bring the feed inside the caravan. I then wish to pass this antenna feed into a wireless router within the caravan and access this improved signal strength via the wireless router connectivity - two of us with a small netbook each.

Can I do this or is it necessary to have another 'box of tricks' between the antenna's USB plug and the input to the wireless router?

Hope your community can help,

Kind regards,

Laddie (Cornwall, UK)
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  1. You CAN technically attach a outdoor antenna to a router that is designed to have removable antenna.

    It is seldom done that way anymore. The cost of good quality microwave cable between the antenna and the router makes it not the best choice.

    The easier way to do this is to buy a outdoor AP that is designed to attach to antenna. They also make antenna with AP build into the enclosure.

    You then connect this to your router inside with ethernet cable which is cheap.

    If you search for "bullet wireless" you will find one of the cheaper ones.
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