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Hi, i have a linksys WTR54G wireless g router. I have a 3G modem which is use to browse on my laptop, it doesnt have an ethernet port. Is there anyway at all, that i can use the modem with the router to share its internet?
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    The easiest way would be to install an inexpensive USB ethernet adapter on the laptop (they can be had for as little as $2-3 on eBay) and connect it to the WAN port of the router. Then enable ICS on the 3G modem and share it w/ the ethernet connection.

    Alternately, it’s possible to eliminate the router completely and use Connectify to reconfigure your laptop’s wireless adapter as a wifi hotspot and share the 3G modem.

    So it really comes down to whether you have a specific need to use the WRT54G (maybe you want all the features it has to offer; firewall management, port forwarding, static IPs, DMZ, etc.), or whether you’re just trying to use it for its AP. In the latter case, the use of Connectify will suffice as a replacement for the wireless router.
  2. i want to connect my ps3 to the internet
  3. Doesn't matter what device you want to connect to the internet. One or the other solution is going to provide it either over wire or wireless.
  4. thank you
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