Connect a 2nd wireless router to a wireless network?

Hi, Im not trying to do this to extend the wireless range or anything like that, I just want to connect my 2nd wireless router to the network and use it to create a wired network in a different room.

I currently have a wireless network operating using a Dlink DSL2740B with absolutely no probs and I get great reception and speeds throughout my entire apartment which I am surprised about due to its size. I have an Xbox 360 in my bedroom which I use for Xbox Live fairly regularly but it does not connect wirelessly (Old white model). At the moment whenever I want to play I am having to connect my laptop to the wireless, plug the Xbox in to the laptop with an ethernet cable and create a network bridge in between the two. I dont really get any problems with lag or connectivity this way Im just finding it to be a pain in the ass connecting it like this all the time.

I also have at home sitting brand new in a box a Netgear DVG1000 wireless 4 port modem router and wanted to know if it is possible to use the wireless feature of this modem to instead of broadcast a wireless network, connect to my current one so I can use the ethernet ports to create a wired network in my bedroom.

Personally I would rather just buy a long enough ethernet cable and run it through the apartment but I live with chick who would freak out at a network cable being left running through the place for long periods of time.

Thanks for any suggestions!!
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  1. the DVG1000 will not convert to a bridge.

    you could try this one
  2. Emerald said:
    the DVG1000 will not convert to a bridge.

    you could try this one

    What about if I were to swap them over and use the DVG as the modem, will the Dlink one convert to a bridge?

    If not Ill just ebay the DVG1000 on ebay brand new and buy that one you posted with what I get for it.
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