How can i set up a wireless router (netgear) to expand wireless coverage in my h

My brother has a router for his house which lives right next door. I am getting wireless through a adapter right now but not good throughout my house.I do have another wireless router that i am trying to figure out how to set up so i can recieve signal from his house and expand in mine.
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  1. What you need is a repeater (wireless client + AP). But your router (as is) is only an AP. So the best you could do is run an ethernet cable between your respective routers (obviously not ideal).

    If you're lucky and your Netgear supports dd-wrt (third party firmware), you could reconfigure it as a repeater. If not, then you would need a wireless ethernet bridge (to add the missing the wireless client) and connect it to the WAN of your router.

    [brother's wireless router]<-- wireless -->[wireless ethernet bridge]<-- wire -->(wan)[linksys router]
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