Powerline not working after Router Change.

Hello guys, I recently factory restored my new PC and we also got a new Virgin Media Superhub (Super Fast - My dad is getting download speeds of up to 4mb/s) but I tried using my powerline adapter thingy and I am getting crappy speeds and it says I am connected to a homegroup, and not my internet like it used too. How do I fix this? Thanks, Rob.
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  1. From the end-user perspective, powerline adapter are very simple devices. In fact, they're usually plug-n-play and require no configuration at all (at most maybe security, but most ppl don't bother). So there's really not much to do, or much to go wrong. It simply shouldn't matter what else happens on the rest of your network.

    What I suspect is that the change in router has created a change somewhere else that has nothing to do w/ the powerline adapter(s).

    Are you sure you’re connected to YOUR wireless router?! I’ve seen cases where ppl left the SSID as the default (e.g., linksys) and wireless security disabled, then didn’t realize they were connected to a neighbor’s wireless network who had done the same thing! LOL
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