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Hello. I got a new laptop with Windows 8 pre-installed on it for Christmas 2012 which works fine but recently, after having installed one of those important Windows Updates, I've been getting these intermittent and annoying blue screens of death with the SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION tag.

I've ran memtest86+ for a single pass as well as Windows Memory Diagnostic, a MalwareBytes full scan and Chkdsk and none of them found any errors. I feel the Windows Updates may be to blame.

My laptop is a Toshiba C850D-11Q model with an AMD video card and 6 GB of RAM (With 5.60 usable)
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  1. [...] bsods.html [...] rashs.html [...] 1108885295

    above links might help you.
  2. Why're the links separated like that? Or is it just me?
  3. because there are three different links
  4. No, I mean with the ellipses.
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  6. Good news, I tried that uninstalling the windows updates and I haven't had a BSoD since. I'm kinda surprised though that an official Microsoft update of all things in the world could have caused it. I mean what the hell?
  7. Most likely there is software or a driver that was exploiting what the patch fixed. Since the patch was installed the software or driver is causing a BSOD when it tries to use the exploit. Make sure your drivers are up to date including the BIOS and the your software is up to date.

    Also, check Toshiba's site for any incite into any known issues.
  8. I'm sure others did and still got the BSoD

    But anyway, I've solved it.
  9. Uninstalling Windows updates isn't solving it. You need those updates to protect your system.

    You also need to know what Windows Update may have exposed the issue. When you install the Windows updates again do them one at a time restarting after each one and report which update it is causing you pain.
  10. I'm pretty ssure the link Chin gave pretty much says which updates it may be.

    plus I have Malwarebytes on here which is great.
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