Motorola sbg6580 concurrent dual channel?

I have a few devices that use 5 ghz and a few old 2.4 ghz. I checked my settings on the sbg6580, and it seems like it has to be 2.4 OR 5, not both concurrently. Anyone know how to get them both working concurrently? My Netgear DSL gateway modem dual worked :pt1cable: concurrently.

sbg6580 WEP is greyed out. I have some old laptops that need this. I goggled it and tons of useless results. Any ideas? My Netgear allowed four separate SSID accounts, 2 for each band :pt1cable: channel.

sbg6580 appears to have no way to update the firmware. Time Warner Cable, no help. My netgear had a upgrade firmware :pt1cable: button.

sbg6580 appears to NOT have a setting that will dynamically change the IP address from your ISP after "x" amount of idle minutes. I prefer not to have a static IP address. My Netgear had :pt1cable: one.

After buying this product, I am not a fan of Motorola.
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  1. Your right,it's dual dand but only one at a time.
  2. It's almost never a good idea to bind your access method (cable, dsl, fiber, etc.) to your router. It's great for the ISP who provides the equipment since it minimizes the complexity and reduces cost. Even assuming it works well, it's usually not reusable w/ other systems since the WAN is never exposed, it's *internally* connected to the modem! And unfortunately ppl don’t realize that until much later when they change to some other technology. It’s now essentially a paperweight.

    Frankly, just because a company may be good at producing modems doesn’t mean they’re good at producing routers. The guy who built my house may be a terrific builder, but it doesn’t necessarily mean I should turn over landscaping responsibilities to him as well. Each requires its own special touch and talents.

    Regarding dual band, is there anything DUMBER than dual band that’s NOT simultaneous?! Good grief, exactly how many ppl in the world are going to have nothing but 5GHz devices? You can probably count them on one hand. You don’t even control what many of these devices use (e.g., iPhone, blu-ray player, smart TV, voip adapter).
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