Every times my belkin router restarts, all devices lost connection thru wifi.


I'm having issue with wireless connection on Belkin router F5D7633-4.

Every 1-2 days my router disconnect and reconnect for no apparent reasons. When this happens, it affects it's wifi. All the devices in my house couldn't connect via wireless to this router. The only way to get these devices connected is to manually reboot the router.
This is frustrating.

Do you know the cause of this disconnection? Is there a way to prevent this from happening again?

Do you know how to allow the router to allow many devices connected at same time?

There are 2 wired connections and approx 9 wireless devices (inc smart phones and tablet)

Many thanks
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  1. The firmware updated?
  2. skaz said:
    The firmware updated?

    Yep, already upgraded to latest firmware.

    Is there a setting where I can allow all devices connected to this router (securely of course)
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