Windows 7 clean install from upgrade?

So here's my dilemna. I want to start building my computer ASAP but I would have to wait a little longer seeing how I would have to purchase Windows 7 for 100 bucks.

However my school offers windows 7 professional for free to students as a upgrade download. Also I could pay 24 dollars to get a CD copy of it.

Would I be able to save possibly 60 bucks by using this upgrade CD/download as the "clean install"?

Or is it only good for upgrading from a previous windows -> 7?

Edit: For instance, I would buy Windows 7 Professional 64 bit from the site (it's labeled as an "upgrade" though) and pop it into my newly built desktop and just install windows using that? Is that possible?

Also if I was to use the free download are there any ways for me to burn it onto a cd and use that?
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  1. with upgrade cd you need to have windows already installed and it will upgrade your existing OS to the upgraded version
  2. I have read people testify that they have used their win7 upgrade cd's to do clean installs on brand new HD's without an existing OS on said HD. They then proceeded to use product keys they have for previous versions on seperate computers to activate the upgrade version.

    Would I be able to take the product key of my Win7 home premium from my laptop and use that key to activate the upgrade version on my desktop?
  3. NO. You would then have two copies of Windows running on different machines, using the same product key. Clearly illegal.
  4. a better idea

    go to the microsoft website. you can get a full copy cheap through them if your a student

    for an upgrade copy

    as long as you own a windows xp/vista full install disk

    install it first then use the update disk it is legal

    because you can install a retail copy as often as you like as long as only so many of them are activated at one time

    then it is legal otherwise you are going to need to buy a retail copy
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