What is a good program to monitor all network/internet traffic?

Like one that shows all the technical details, like the IP addresses, ports, protocol type (HTTP, RTMP), etc.

My ultimate goal is to use this program called Wirecast to add graphical layers (banners, scrolling marquee etc) over my webcam stream, and then get wirecast to stream that to the site I perform at. It seems like I need the RTMP server name from the cam site I broadcast at to tell Wirecast where to send the stream after the enhancements. The site I use to model live shows at has everything built into their website, so my interface is built into my browser and made entirely in flash.

When I click the "broadcast" button on my interface the flash player asks me to allow use of my webcam and mic, but there aren't any options to choose which USB device to use, it just seems to find it on it's own, which is a problem because I'm assuming it should see the wirecast stream as a device, but it doesn't see any devices, like it doesn't recognize my screen recorder as a webcam and it should...so i don't know there...

Anyway, my thoughts are that if I can see specific network traffic, I'll be able to identify where my computer is sending the stream (RTMP server), and then tell wirecast the information.
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  1. Thanks for telling about Wirecast!
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