Cannot Sharing connection with ALFA AWUS036H

Hi, I'm using AWUS036H wireless adapter on my netbook (win 7 home premium), but I got some issues tryin to sharing connection with alfa wireless lan utility. These are screens of what I have.

My devices found the shared connection, but when I try to open a web site, nothing will appear. Connection sometimes worked for some few minutes, but after that I have any web connection again. Devices results connected, but there is only wifi signal, withouth internet connection in. I noticed that there is a countdown near the mac address, as you can see in in the pic, and the numbers in countdown changed without any logic. I hope some of you can help me. :)
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  1. Whats the make and model of the router you are using?
  2. I take the wireless signal from a "Alice Gate VoIP" then I create a new connection using this signal with a device called alfa network AWUS036H
  3. Just to see if this is perhaps unrelated to the hardware, why not try using a software AP w/ Connectify Hotspot. If that doesn't work either, then it's probably something unrelated to the Alfa.
  4. I cannot try a software AP w/ Connectify Hotspot, is there an alternative utility to alfa utiility?
  5. davidecit said:
    I cannot try a software AP w/ Connectify Hotspot...

  6. because I don't know what it means, and I don't want to pay for a software ap ;)
  7. LOL. Well, Connectify does exactly the same thing; it creates a wifi hotspot out of your wireless adapter, and it comes in two versions; Lite (which is free) and Pro. But you only need the Lite version to share your internet connection.

    If these things weren’t the case, I never would have suggested it! ;)
  8. When you say it "finds the shared" connection are you actually connectted to the alfa? If so run ipconfig and ping the gateway. Let us know what happens.
  9. Hi, when I try to installing connectify, it says that a reboot is required to continue installation. But when my pc boot again and it starts again the connectify setup, it makes a loop, asking for a new reboot etc.

    I think the problem could microsoft virtual wifi miniport adapter and not alfa wireless utility. I hope you can help a noob like me :)
  10. Makes sure you've disabled the Alfa hotspot before using the Connectify hotspot.
  11. I disabled alfa hotspost but during connecty setup i always get an error for driving installing and it required reboot again and again. is there another way to fix my problem?
  12. Hmm, it may be that the Alfa hotspot is still enabled under Network Connections (should say something like wifi miniport). Go to Network Connections (Windows key + R, type "ncpa.cpl" (no quotes) and hit enter), select it, right click, and disable it.

    Or if that doesn't work, you could try uninstalling it using Device Manager.

    That's the problem w/ these miniports, they tend to stick around even after the software that created them is gone or no longer in use.
  13. I disabled everything as you said but still same drivers error during installation. Is there another way to understand why I cannot share my connection?
  14. Are you running any personal firewalls on that machine, either Windows or third-party? If so, disable them temporarily and see if it now works.
  15. no firewall on my pc :)
  16. no help anymore ? :(
  17. I'm out of ideas. Once the driver won't install for some reason, it could be countless reasons, and difficult to diagnose without being on-site.

    Perhaps do a restore to place the PC back to its state before the Alfa was installed and start over. Maybe you just made some changes that got you into a bad state and need to clean it up a bit. Or at least uninstall the Alfa, completely.

    In fact, if you do, try installing Connectify using your netbook’s built-in wireless first, just to see if you can get that going before adding the complications of the Alfa, particularly if you only bought the Alfa for its wifi hotspot capability and less so for its long range capabilities.
  18. I noticed that Virtual Wifi can be only used on Win 7. Can I create a hotspot on Win XP using a connection received via AlfaNetwork?

    For example I receved a signal called "Delta", but I can only use it on my notebook. So I want to put Delta on air from my antenna, creating a new connection named "Gamma". Is it possible? I think yes.

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