Can't click and drag

I cannot "click and drag" my photos to rearrange them in a folder. Any suggestions?
I can click and drag icons on my desktop with no problem.
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  1. do you have a spare mouse? try it out.
  2. assuming u r on windows 7.
    in the top right of your picture folder look for "arrange by:" and select folder right now u have it arranged by day, rating, tag or month.

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    arranging files in a folder depends on either, name, date, type or criteria such as that.

    if you insist in having pictures in a certain order than you need to rename them either numerically or alphabetically ie:

    thispicture.jpg, thatpicture.jpg

    to 1thispicture.jpg, 2thatpicture.jpg

    or athispicture.jpg, bthatpicture.jpg.
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  5. Thanks! I appreciate your response. I guess I have to get to
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