HDD in RAID 0 always dying out

Hi guys,
I've a highpoint raid 370 onboard controller on my Abit mobo. My 2 hdd, maxtor 20GB ATA 100 7200RPM drives, are wired onto my onboard HPT370 controller's first channel, and set up in Raid 0 mode to enhance performance.

However, my raid array seems to be always dying out, once every few months. It started just after 2 months of purchase of my controller, mobo and HDDs. The most recent time, I just started up my computer the day before, and did not do any installation/configuration of any sorts. I just did some basic typing.
However, the next day, my HDDs died. The controller was able to recognize the drives all right, and stripe them accordingly. However, when it gets to starting Windows, it'd just say "No system disk". I booted to a dos prompt via a floppy, and my C: was empty, while all other virtual partitions are "Not accesssible".

I did a scandisk on both HDD, no problems, no bad sectors. I even did a surface scan, still no problem. I'd Norton Antivirus installed, with definitions updated every week, so shouldn't be a virus problem. I also ran Zone Alarm Pro, and Windows 98 SE. I also didn't put any huge speakers or TV near my computer (except my Creative speakers). I know that Raid 0 is very unstable, but is this common?

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  1. Put them seperately on each channel as master.

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