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Ok so a few weeks ago my brothers hard drive in his Toshiba laptop had a problem, He told Toshiba the problem and they sent him a new hard drive which, he replaced for his old one and it seemed to work. So after that he re-loaded windows 7 onto the hard drive it all look good. Then he tried to get Google Chrome,and then the problems started...

Problem 1) When you try to download anything nothing happens, if you hover over the download button in the bottom left hand corner, It says javascrpt:void(0) So he tried clicking download lots of time and instead on a small pop-up appearing in the centre with the terms and conditions nothing. So we go over to his downloads file and there seems to be a application in there called chrome but with a unusual logo with the text 'Tod' in it, Clicking it brings up the 'let this file make changes to your computer' then nothing. I have un-installed and reinstalled Java (I know they are different things but.....) I turned of pop up blocker and check the the scripts where enabled, and there are no proxy servers being used. But to no avail

Problem 2) Videos don't work online, and neither do site that have many photos and videos on like Facebook or YouTube

Help would be much appreciated,

Joe :(
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  1. 1. What exactly are you trying to download? Not all sites have a download button in the bottom left, it sounds like you are doing something specific.

    2. Install Flash player. If that does not work for Chrome, try a different browser.
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