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Quiet PC Fans

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August 29, 2002 4:05:40 PM

So my computer is humming like a hovercraft and it's finally getting to me so I'm seeing what other options there are out there at the moment. Currently I have an Enermax 430w Dual Fan PSU, 2 Antec 80mm (761345-77037-8), and a Thermaltake 80mm (TT-8025A-2B).

My case fans are driving me nuts as the thermaltake fan is running at 2900 rpm and 30Dba. The 2 Antec fans are running at 2600 rpm and 30Dba. Just the fans alone are giving me 90Dba. I can't seem to find the Enermax specifications for the fans but I know the 2nd fan runs at around 2000rpm so lower Dba. I'm also running a P4 1.8A but it has a smart fan which adjusts to tempurature (according to website).

So if you add that all up (add in 4 hd's worth of noise) that's over 150+ Dba of noise (give or take)

So long story short I'm interested in purchasing some new fans to quiet everything down. However, I have read a lot of people saying panaflo fans are great but there's a review article at directron that says they're not great at all if anyone wants to read about it. It mentions the Enermax super cool smart fans are the best ones to buy.

Now I've been searching on Ebay to look around and I've found 2 Enermax fans that look almost identicle (except for the different colour label) and as well it seems the specs are identicle.

Can anyone help me out and figure out/knows what the difference is?

Using 3 of these fans will drop by Dba level by around 30c I think and that would help a LOT.


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August 29, 2002 4:10:10 PM

well you can always buy large fans (90mm, 120mm) and run them at low speed.

or just put your case in the closet or other room :D 

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August 31, 2002 5:00:44 PM

The Vantec Stealth fans have a pretty low dBa. The Zalman fans come with a quiet plug adapter to lower fan speed, and they also have a variable controller that you can also plug in to get the best noise to cfm ratio for your system. Thermaltake Smart Fan II also looks pretty good, having both a temp sensor and variable control built in. Going to a 92mm or 120mm will also help cut down on noise.

Don't forget about the CPU fan, as that can be a screamer as well. If your not overclocking, there are some quiet CPU fan/heatsink setups that would work. You may want to consider liquid cooling as an option.

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August 31, 2002 7:36:57 PM

Yeah, if you're wanting to get really silent, watercooling will drop that noise down to *nothing*.

You can set just a standard watercool system for under $100 of you have a dremel and a butane torch. It's not going to really be a "overclockers dream" system, but it will cool your system considerably better than the average aircooled system with a 7000rpm delta. You can get a little tiny no2 torch down at Radio Smack if you don't have a propane pizo-ignition one. You can setup a radiator running the quietest 120mm fan at 7volts, and 1 or 2 80mm fans (get sum really quiet onez) blowing through the side panel right on your video card or hard disk, and the noise will be less than you airconditioning system makes.

If you don't care to do that, get several of the quietest 80mm fanz (they have low rpm, low flow ratings, high pitch blades, and noise under 28dB). Hook about 4 of them up, and run them at 7volts.

Another option is a quiet housefan, and take all every single panel on your case that you possibly can.

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September 1, 2002 11:06:00 PM

your fans do not equal 150db, if you were sitting next to that noise you would go deaf, thats almost as loud as a jet engine. there was a conversation about the total noise, it comes out like this, two 30 db fans= 32db. your computer is probly near 35 db, that is not loud at all. my computer is probly around 50 and it doesnt bother me at all.

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September 6, 2002 11:39:11 PM

150dB?? Sorry, I think you did the math wrong. A "Military jet aircraft take-off from aircraft carrier with afterburner at 50 ft" is only 130dB.

Decibels are logarithmic. If you had 10 fans at 30dB, that would be 40dB.

Although I disagree with your calculations, I still sympathize with your plight!

September 8, 2002 1:51:46 PM

""Military jet aircraft take-off from aircraft carrier with afterburner at 50 ft" is only 130dB"

This depends on a few things.

1. The type of "Military jet aircraft on take-off ".
2. Just where you are in relation to said "Military jet aircraft on take-off".
3. Whether to not you have ear plugs and cranial on.

But yeah, those are neat.

Other than that, Jesus...your only next option is to watercool.
September 16, 2002 6:16:35 AM

Okay so how are you guys getting all these numbers?
So say if I have 4 12dba fans and 1 30dba fan how much would that be approximate in dbA?
Do hard drives have the same sound level measurement? Or they different from case fans?
September 17, 2002 12:04:38 AM

Decibels are logarithmic. 20dB is 10 times louder than 10dB. 30dB is 10 times louder than 20dB, etc., etc..

If you have 4 12dB fans and 1 30dB fan, that would be about 30.3dB, by my calculations.

September 17, 2002 5:12:59 AM

Ah alright then thanks.
all I needed to know