One modem conected to one wireless N and one wireless G

I have my shop using the Air 802 wireless G. I got a new Linksys E3500 which is an N. The wireless G network will not work with the wireless N and I wanted to know if I could connect both routers to my modem via splitter and run both routers at the same time without hurting my cable modem or being illegal.
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  1. Depends on you ISP more than likely you are only allowed a single IP.

    Reconfigure one the routers as a AP and connect them together. The main device will then act as a router for both.
  2. I had it that way, but the wireless G router (even when wired to) does not show up on the Wireless N because the two are incompatible. The one is the Air 802 G radio which connects to the outdoor antenna. That antenna broadcasts to another antenna (about 200 feet) which is hooked up to the shop computer. The antennae and radio (router) are on the G radio signal and will not pick up on an N signal and so cannot be connected to or configured with the N. This is why I wondered if I could connect both to my modem and run them simultaneously.
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    technically your N router should run G but it doesn't matter.

    I did not mean to imply that you would connect them via want to connect them via wired.

    You would have to buy a switch to place between the modem and the routers, the big question would be if the ISP has locked it down to a single device.

    If we think of it another way. Say you had a router (with no wireless) and 2 AP a G and a N. You would cable the router to the modem and then plug the APs in the LAN ports of the router. You have in effect now built a router with both a N and a G radio.

    But if you use a wireless router, one of your AP are already active in the same physical device so you now only need 1 extra AP which you plug into the LAN port.
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