Monitor wireless network traffic for people using an ipad

Hello !
Have a PC set up with a LINKSYS N2500 router. this is password protected for access to network
I would like to monitor what one of my children is doing on the net - but they surf the net using an iPad

Please help
Thank you
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  1. Hi!

    I dont know about an iPad, but if you go to system preferences, there will be a button that says "Parental Controls" and there is a button that says "manage parental controls from another computer". I think if you enable this, you will be able to monitor your child. You probably have your reasons to monitor your child, and I respect that and there are the "internet dangers" but...maybe you should trust your child..? This is just my opinion because I am a child hahahaa :) Anywayyss hope this helpss :)
  2. I don't have a specific product in mind at the moment, but if it was me, I'd find a PC based application that tracked all this stuff. You’d configure it as a proxy and wifi hotspot. Finally, you’d only allow access to the router indirectly, via that proxy. Of course, this provides the opportunity for examination of the traffic (including blocking) before ever getting to the router.

    This is exactly what's done at your typical workplace when they want to monitor YOUR activities. They don't rely on the rinky-dink parental controls of your typical consumer-grade router. Instead, they quietly route everything on to larger platforms where all this stuff can be analyzed, saved, etc.

    I’m not saying you have to run big-iron for these purposes, but I wouldn’t box myself into router-based solutions either.
  3. ^^ Awesome, so there you go. Perhaps configure a desktop/laptop w/ Connectify and use it to proxy (using the term loosely) the iPad traffic to the PC and over to the wireless router.
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