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hello toms. i come with a problem. first let me just lay down what i have:

cyberpowerpc with windows 7 home and creative labs soundblaster X-fi Xtreme audio sound card and a realtek HD sound chip. the sound chip is enabled because the sound card had no digital out (retarded i know).

problem: stereo mix refuses to work.

i have spent the past two hours trying to fix this. at first i didnt see the stereo mix option but i realized that i didnt have the realtek drivers so i assumed that was the problem. i installed the drivers and the HD manager or whatever that comes with the driver. i figured out how to reveal so to speak the stereo mix option, enable it, and set as default. so i thought this would work, however the stereo mixer was recieving only one bar(see pic). i recorded a quick clip and turned the volume WAY up and i could hear a faint static noise. i continued to search the internet for solutions. one was to remove the program that came with the driver and surprisingly realtek's site told me how. that did nothing.

now heres my current situation: i have stereo mixer enabled as the default, i have every other recording option disabled, the HD manager program is gone, and im still soundles in the stereo mix. any further guidance would be much obliged.

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  1. sorry if i was wrong
    if you trying to record the picture you posted shows no input devices or else trying to record from media player like that try with different recording program..
    if you are having trouble in stereo sound output , then check with playback
  2. Try with analog output, i think stereo mixer(for recording) may be analog only.
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