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I am trying to setup a wireless router with a ethernet coming directly from the wall and then another ethernet to a computer but the computer is setup with a dial-up connection to the ethernet and won't connect through the router. It recognizes that I have internet going to the router from the wall and the other ethernet to the computer says it is connected but won't connect to the internet. I have tried to setup a connection but either it won't work or I am doing something wrong so a little guidance would be much appreciated.
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  1. I'm not 100% sure, but it sounds like you may be trying to share the dial-up connection of your computer w/ your wireless router. If that's the case, then you simply need to enable ICS on the dial-up connection, share it w/ the ethernet connection on that same computer, and run an ethernet cable over to the WAN of the wireless router.

    <-- wireless -->[wireless router](wan)<-- wire -->(lan)[pc - ics enabled](dialup)<-- phone line -->
  2. I'm not sharing the connection. The origin of the connection is coming from a ethernet jack in the wall that is currently connected to the computer directly. The computer connects to the internet through said ethernet and has to dial to connect. I am trying to take the ethernet from the wall and connect it to the router's uplink/WLAN and then run another ethernet back to the computer so that I have a Wireless network and the desktop is hardwired to the router. I believe the ISP (ATMC) requires you to dial but it is high speed, I believe broadband.
  3. If you have to dial-in to connect, it sounds like it's not an ethernet cable, but a phone line from the computer (probably a dial-up modem) to the wall outlet. A phone jack (rj11) is slightly smaller than an ethernet jack (rj45). And if that’s the case, you can't direct connect that phone line to the WAN of the router.
  4. I know the difference between the two and it is an Ethernet connecting to an ethernet jack in the wall. I have a belkin wireless router with all ethernet (1 Uplink/WLAN and 4 extra ethernet jacks). I have connected the ethernet to the router and it says it has internet but once I connect with my wireless desktop it connects to the Network but not the Internet same when I run the extra ethernet to the hardwired desktop. The original desktop was hardwired to the wall as that is the only jack in the house and it has to dial out to connect (It also doesn't have slow speeds like a phone line does ex: 1mb/s downloads ect.) to the internet. I am trying to get both to work but neither will connect to the internet.
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