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I recently purchased two Asante SmartBot IP Cameras. I have them set up wirelessly on my home network (viewable on my desktop via wifi), however I would like to be able to view them on my Droid Razr Maxx with the IP Cam Viewer App over 3G/4G. My understanding is that I have to set up stand alone static IP addresses on both cameras and the router. I also read something about port forwarding in addition to this. I was wondering if anyone has done a writeup on this (I searched) or could help me a little. I have the Verizon Actiontec GT740WGB wifi router. Thank you

P.S. I looked into the type of web based viewing option, and was trying to stay away from that, as Id like to use the IP Cam Viewer App for remotely viewing my cameras.
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  1. eibgrad said:

    Thats awesome, but what about setting up a static ip address for each camera on the router? I would prefer not to use my computer to access these cameras.
  2. Most routers allow you to use DHCP to assign static IPs to specific MAC addresses, which in this case would be the MAC addresses of your cameras. If not, you’ll have to use the administrative UI of each camera and manually specify an appropriate static IP (just make sure it doesn’t conflict w/ the IPs being handed out by the DHCP server of the router). Once you have those static IPs defined, you can reliably use them in your port forwarding.

    Additionally, assuming each camera uses the same port (probably 80), you can only forward any given external port on the router to one local IP address behind your router. So your external ports will need to be different. Frankly, it’s never a good idea to use port 80 on the external side anyway, but something much higher above the well-known port range of 1-1024 (say, 8080 and 8081).

    So let’s say your cameras used the local IP addresses and, your port forwarding would look like this:

    External/Public Port: 8080
    Internal/Private IP:
    Internal/Private Port: 80

    External/Public Port: 8081
    Internal/Private IP:
    Internal/Private Port: 80
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