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Today i found my hosts file had many sites blocked, are any of these known to you? any dangerous site? I never edited my hosts file and I'm very carefull with every software I install, I look this unknown edition as a way to prevent me to join those websites not to redirect me to others.

I actually use zonealarm as firewall and kaspersky as antivirus, any of those could have done it ?
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  1. Odd, but it certainly may be from your security software. It doesn't look like it's trying to redirect or block anything like AV websites or something which makes me think it's benign.
  2. I don't recognize these but I do have quite a few Russian websites blocked I've encountered more issues with Russian Websites than any other /notracist
  3. Those are blocked by ZoneAlarm I believe - Spybot does the same thing and it's helpful, as these are very likely harmful sites.

    I'd leave it be.
  4. but I use cloudflare since is the cdn for my website, why did it blocked it? o_O
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