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Good evening

Sorry for my english.I m French and i live in France and i can see that american and english people seem hate French people.I can understand a bit why but i would like to know all the reasons of this bad hatred between the two people.
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  1. Mostly because its funny.

    So what was the deal with banning burqas in France? some numbers say only 100-400 women in France actually wear a burqa.
  2. Oldmangamer_73 said:
    Bon après-midi,

    Je ne peux pas parler pour tous les Américains, mais personnellement, je n'ai pas de haine pour le peuple français. J'adore votre cuisine, votre vin, et votre président Sarkozy. Le peuple français a montré beaucoup de courage en essayant de préserver votre culture en forçant les musulmans à s'assimiler. Le peuple américain pourrait prendre une leçon du français dans cette affaire.

    Good afternoon,

    I can't speak for all Americans but I personally don't have any hatred for the French people. I love your cuisine, your wine, and your President Sarkozy. The French people have shown a lot of courage in trying to preserve your culture by forcing Muslims to assimilate. The American people could take a lesson from the French in this matter.

    Thanks for the effort of traduction it is nice but you can speak in english because i understand the english even if i dont speak it ;)

    Do you know that Sarkozy is not loved in France? because he always lies and dont respect his promess.
    did you already go in France ?
  3. wanamingo said:
    Mostly because its funny.

    So what was the deal with banning burqas in France? some numbers say only 100-400 women in France actually wear a burqa.

    Yes and i am against this law but the problem is that the majority of the old people in France is afraid because now there are many many many Blacks and Arabics people in France and the majority are mouslims but the old people dont know the Islam very well so they are afraid to see that many Mouslims live in France because they think they are dangerous for them (i m Mouslim)
  4. Oldmangamer_73 said:
    To be honest, the only real exposure I have had to Sarkozy is when he visited America a couple years ago. The speech he made, praising America and the American people was fantastic. He said things that I wish my own president would say. Hell, he almost sounded like Ronald Reagan.

    I haven't had the pleasure of visiting France yet. Perhaps one day. There used to be a fantastic local French restaurant called The Frog and The Redneck. The owner retired unfortunatley and no one took over running it.

    Yes i recognize that this man can be a perfect speaker but he lies too much and he think only to his personnal carriere.He consider us as perfect sheeps.

    And which city would you like to visit? i was in Paris last year for the first time whose i remember and i can tell you that it is a magnific city,i have never seen an so beautiful city but the "cote d azur" is well too (Marseille,Nice,Cannes etc...) but i never travel in France so if i go to Paris i will be a tourist as you lol.

    You live in usa?
  5. I hope for you that you will be able to make this visit one day ;)

    Now,in Europa there is a good thing for the historians which is that many "buildings",many "houses",many places have a long history behind them,you can find in all cities some very old places and houses from the "epoque" of Cesar,Clovis,Napoleon,World war one,world war two,Charlemagne and so on
  6. Fedayin said:
    ... but the old people dont know the Islam very well so they are afraid to see that many Mouslims live in France because they think they are dangerous for them (i m Mouslim)

    Well, the annual car-be-ques did not help.

    As far as the French in general, except for a short period during our War of Independence with Great Britain, historically, we have been in conflict (notice that I did not say "at war") with France more often than not.
  7. Hi!!

    There is no more hatred of the English and Americans to the French than the French hatred towards Anglo-Saxon.
    We are often at odds for quite some time, almost since the American Revolution and it is true that our relationship sometimes found it tight, but it goes no further.
    Because we're two civilized peoples (or almost, I've already seen a Communist near me), I think it will not keep us down at table together to share a good bottle of wine, french or californian, it does'nt matter!
    qu'importe le flacon pourvu qu'on ait l'ivresse
    Alfred de Musset


    Il n'y a pas plus de haines des anglais et des américains envers les français que de haine des français envers les anglo-saxons.
    On est souvent en désaccord depuis un bon bout de temps, quasiment depuis l'indépendance américaine et c'est vrai que nos relations s'en retrouvaient parfois tendues, mais ça ne va pas plus loin.
    Vu que nous sommes deux peuples civilisés (ou presque, j'ai déjà vu un communiste près de chez moi), je pense que ça ne nous empêchera pas se mettre à table ensemble pour partager une bonne bouteille de pif.
  8. I agree the English and French don't seem to get along very well and I think the basis of that is a historical one more than anything.

    I have French friends who consider the English do not behave well in French when on holidays ... I agree.

    When the English are on holidays here in Australia we frequently have to remind them they are annoying and whinge too much.

    Australian's don't tend to be polite when someone is being a dork ... we like to tell them.

    I consider the Fench very polite as a people.

    I think the perception many have of the French being rude and arrogant is a stereotype poorly deserved.

    The French like a good debate ... they like to discuss things from a number of "what if" angles ... other people often do not understand that looking at things from a number of points of view helps us understand.

    I'd also like to point out that Australian's have a bit of a bad record for behaviour when on holidays too ... but that can be accounted for by the beer.

    If any of the French users at Ttoms Guide want to visit and post here feel free ... you can make a few threads in French if you like ... we will try to keep up if we can.

    We kidnapped gropouce from the French site two weeks ago ... tell Xiiime and Dafen we are prepared to negotiate a price.

    How many kilograms of truffles do you have??


    sorry gropouce ... you are now a pawn in our attempt to extort truffles from the French !!

  10. Hi everyone,

    What are you doing here Gropouce ??

    Come back to France now !
  11. Ahh ... but we have corrupted him with our weird and wonderful "News and Leisure" forum here Yama ...

    We tried to catch Chaugnar too ... but the old one got away ... teleported back.

    Thanks for visiting ... stay and help us keep the US from invading the rest of the world.

  12. Yama310 said:

    Come back to France now !

    I'm stuck !!!

    They tied my shoelaces together ! (forgotten Geneva Conventions...)
  13. Poor little boy... :D

    @ Fedayin : I had many conversations with english and american people. And I don't think they hate us.
    There's always some guys who don't like us. Like french guys don't like americans.

    Reynod said:
    Thanks for visiting ... stay and help us keep the US from invading the rest of the world.


    I visit your forum sometimes already. I even have some better answers. :D
  14. The title of this topic has been edited by Reynod
  15. Unofficial French Exchange Program ... ssems a better title.

    I must try to get a best answer for a CPU question over there.

    it will be a challenge.

  16. You have been reading Benjamin Franklin again ??
  17. I love France and have spent many holidays there. Therefore, it is you.
  18. Hello Guys !! It's been a long time ! How are you folks?
  19. I have been well Xiiime ... have you been on holidays?

    I did not see you posting over the other site either?

    We seem to have collected at least 5 or 6 French posters so if you wanted to start the odd French thread here please feel free ... alternatively you can post in either language ... we have no rules about that in this section.

    How is your guitar playing going?
  20. Not holiday, exactly the opposite. The exams are approaching, and a few political issues to solve.

    My guitars, I'm still impatient to receive the last one, the 8th June! Can't wait!

    Well, for the french thread, I'm gonna look around a little bit, trying to know you all :)
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