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I am trying to put music from my phone's memory card onto my new Windows 7 Toshiba laptop. The computer recognizes the device and lets me see everything on it, but when I go to copy anything from it onto the computer I get asked to find it again and it can never find it again. When I go back through and try to re-copy the files the device no longer shows the storage capacity or anything on it and only says Fat32 on it.

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  1. what phone are you using?
  2. by using data-cable provided wit your phone or by using card reader
  3. I don't have the data cable I have a usb dongle that takes my micro sd card. It works fine in all the other machines I have access to it is only this new one with Windows 7 on it. At first it recognizes it and lets me look at all the stuff on it but as soon as I go to put anything on it or pull anything off of it the computer freaks out and doesn't recognize it anymore.
  4. maybe you have a dying memory card
  5. i have a hard time believing that when it works fine in every other device/computer.. i know its not the phone its this one specific computer like its got a bad usb driver or something.. i thought maybe someone was gonna say something along the lines of windows 7 has like anti music pirating stuff or some bs that influences file transfering
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