SB Live problems

650MHZ Duron
KT133 AOpen MK33 mobo latest BIOS
512 PC133 Crucial RAM
20 GB Seagate 5400 rpm ultra 66 HDD
Radeon 8500 latest drivers and latest 4 in 1
SoundBlaster Live MP3+ 5.1 soundcard
300watt Antec PSU
Realtec NIC

I turned my PC on yesturday like i do most day after work, after having shut it down before i went to work. So i turn it on, windows XP loads up, and then tells me it found a New Hardware Audio Device.. and I was like, hmm ok what's this? cause I hadn't installed any new software or hardware. So I let it install and rebooted after installation and after the reboot it was gone again. So I took the Soundblaster out of it's PCI slot (slot 3 farthest away from video card) and reinstalled it and it was up and working fine. So I thought cool. So then i rebooted, windows started up again and it crashed. So i reboot start up again, try and play some music on Winamp, and it crashes again as soon as the music started. So i reboot, try 1 more time and it says that the DirectSound drivers are damaged, so i look and the soundcard isnt even installed.. so I reboot.. check device manager again, and still no sound card, so i try and install Soundcard drivers, and it doesn't see the sound card in the PCI slot. So I take sound card out again, put back in, and it installs fine. reboot and it works, play a game for about an hour, listen to some music, and everything is good. I reboot and it starts up fine, and WHAM it freezes again. I thought maybe video card, so I change from my GF4 MX video card to a ATI Radeon 64MB 8500 and wham wham wham 3 freezes on start up.. so again, reinstall sound card drivers and everything is good, hehe played some more no problems. Ran 3d mark no problem. reboot, try to listen to music and wham, freezes again.
Everything been fine for the last few weeks, no problem, till recently.
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  1. Man does this sound familiar, go to <A HREF="" target="_new"></A> in the utilities section download and run Memtest its a RAM tester to make sure its not memory failure, that was my problem.

    Details, Details, Its all in the Details, If you need help, Don't leave out the Details.
  2. nope, positive it's the soundblaster. Took it out and using the onboard sound hasn't crashed since.
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