"Wireless network connection doesn't have a valid ip configuration."

I bought a brand new acer aspire one 722 notebook and it works fine except I can't connect to the internet. After I run the diagnostics I get the following problem detected: "Wireless network connection doesn't have a valid ip configuration." How can I fix this problem?
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  1. More information is needed. How are you connecting the laptop to your network? The more details about how your attempting to connect to the internet the better.
  2. I am trying to connect to my wireless router, which I am sure that it works, because my other wireless devices are successfully connected to it. I also tried to connect to the router using an ethernet cable, however I get a similar problem that the trouble shooter detects. It says: Local area connection doesn't have a valid ip address. The first day I got this Acer Aspire one 722, I was able to connect to my wireless cisco lynkis e1200 router. The only thing I did after that was charge the batter. Then next day I could not connect to a public wifi area and also to my router at home. Is there any other info that you need? Thanks very much for helping me with this.
  3. Power cycle your router and modem. Go into device manager and find your NICs, right click and select disable, then wait, and select enable. See if either of those help.

    Run command line, type ipconfig. Whats the output of that command.
  4. I forgot to mention that after disabling the devices, i waited then enabled them.
  5. I might not have followed your instructions correctly so here is what i did:
    I pulled the power cords for my modem and router, waited and reconnected them
    I opened Network adapters in the device manager.
    Then I disabled:
    Atheros fast ethernet controller
    Broadcom network adapter
    Then I tried and failed to connect to the internet.
    I typed ipconfig at the command line
    Besides the ip address info I also got information about the tunnel adapter media state which said media disconnected. There was 3 lines about it being disconnected. With the limited programs on my laptop, I could not find a way to copy the whole information to send it to you. Was there any specific information you were looking for?
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